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Sony Playstation 4 Pro Specifications

Sony PS4 Pro is one of the revolutionary gaming consoles of all time. There are two models that you can choose which are the regular and pro models. The system supports 4K gaming experience in its pro model. One of the main advantages of PlayStation consoles is the fact that you do not need any hardware update to keep playing recent games. All models support the graphics and requirements until a new model will be launched. In addition to this, Sony PS4 comes in two different storage options which are 500GB and 1TB. You can also increase this capacity with external harddisks and store your games in it.

Dualshock 4 technology enhances the gaming experience with its vibration and sound support. In specific games, your wireless control device can be used as a radio. The average weight of the consoles are 2 kilos and they include super-fast USB, which is 3.1.1. generation. You need a television with HDMI socket to run the PlayStation however it is also possible to use computer monitors. PS4 Pro offers fixed fps which is very useful for specific game genres. If you are willing to get one of these for free, keep following us for Sony PS4 Pro giveaway campaign.


The storage capacity of
Playstation 4 Pro 512 GB and 1 TB.

Main Processor

Single-chip custom processor CPU: x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine



4K Gaming Experience



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